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India’s First
Anti Hacking Solution-Server Edition

Your ‘Third Eye’ over your network

Recommended by technology leaders and IT managers

Protection across your LAN network

Effective surveillance over entire network

Complete safety for financial transactions

Privacy and protection for confidential files

Shield against keyloggers

Unique Security Features

Network Watch

Server can access all the networks connected via local area network (LAN)

Server gets information of client (computers) connected in the LAN

Indicates all available WiFi networks and allows you to keep a watch on them

Allows scrutiny of client PC information, Share Folder, Windows List and Host File

Detects Service Startup - malicious activity, whether started or running on connected client

Program Viewer

This will provide lists of all the files and programs that are installed in your PC and their locations.

Ccure Box

is the smarter way to hide/lock confidential files, photos, videos, etc. Here files and folders are encrypted thus preventing unauthorized access or hacking.

Ccure Delete

Better than ‘Delete’, as this one removes all traces of the selected file from your PC


prevents malicious software from connecting to the internet, also detects any suspicious activity


This built-in feature is designed to prevent, detect and eliminate malicious software, hence the name.

Ccure Window

locks the screen, blocking it from hackers; ensures complete security during financial transactions, online shopping or working on confidential documents.


It senses all the startup programs and disables unwanted/malicious ones


This clutter-buster feature identifies junk files, clears all the cache and cookies, and consequently improves PC performance.


Provides effective shield against keyloggers because encrypting files from the root makes them impossible to recover, even deleted files.

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