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Anti Ransomware Computer

Right now hackers may be attacking your PC with Ransomware – a malware that locks and encrypts your computer data. A typical Ransomware changes all your files extensions from .pdf, .xls, .doc, etc., to the malware’s unknown encryption format. Once encrypted, your files are impossible to retrieve because the hackers use strong algorithm. They then demand their ransom – bitcoins (digital currency).

If you don’t pay, your important data is lost forever. If you do pay, there is still no guarantee that your data would be decrypted. So why take the risk!

Install Ccure Ongo Anti-Ransomware

Protection against Ransomware

Detects when any hidden program tries to encrypt your files

Automatically terminates the ransomware

Automatically creates back-ups using high level encryption

Even if a few files are affected by Ransomware, you still have back-ups

Constantly updated to ensure sustained protection

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