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Ultimate protection for your mobile data

Ccure Ongo is India’s first comprehensive anti-hacking solution for all Android and iOs devices. It is recommended by IT experts and gadget-gurus as the most effective way to prevent hidden apps from stealing your data or accessing the camera and microphone.

Stay safe and sorted with Ccure Ongo

Can’t imagine life without your mobile phone, can you? It is your lifeline and window to the world. It has your contacts, location details, banking details, Internet trails, passwords, photos, videos, live conversations, camera and mic. It also contains several apps, some of which exist in your phone without your knowledge or permission. These hidden apps from unverified sources may be secretly accessing your data, or even the camera and mic. Ccure Ongo blocks out these apps and other hacking attempts in a thorough and effective manner. In effect, Ccure Ongo keeps you and your device safe and sorted.

How it works

Ccure Ongo controls the background permissions of all apps and prevents unauthorized access to your data, camera and mic. It ensures complete protection through a range of unique security features

Android Features

Ccure Ongo Shield

Flashes in red to alert you of hacking attempt; turns green when device is fully protected.

Internet Permissions

Controls the background permissions of all apps, thus weeding out unverified and unsafe apps.


Identifies and lists all those apps which are permitted to access your call logs, text messages, contacts, location, photos, videos, camera and microphone.

Anti Virus

Auto scans your device periodically and alerts you.


Detects and displays hidden apps that may be hacking your data

Privacy Mode

Mutes the microphone during meetings; disconnects Wi-Fi to prevent live hacking, also disables microphone and camera.


Clears cache by removing junk and releases storage.

iOS Features

Ccure Ongo Shield

Determines if your device is jailbroken. In such a situation your calls, sms, contacts, photos, videos can be exposed to a hacking risk. Ccure Ongo prompts you with its solution

Internet Permissions

Allows you to control permissions of apps which are by default accessing data from your phone.


Lists all the apps that are permitted to read call logs, SMS, contacts, location, bluetooth, camera, microphone, photos, videos etc.

Photo Lock

Secures your personal photos and saves them in your phone’s personal database. Only you can access them via Touch ID or by using a password.

Secured Notes

You can even add or save personal notes in your phone’s database, making them accessible only via Touch ID or a password.

Diagnostic Data

If you want the device to stop sending diagnostic data to Apple the setting gives you the option. It also allows you to review previously sent data.

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