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The power to protect yourself from hacking

Your PC is vulnerable to hacking, viruses, malware, web threats and web attacks. Your identity, privacy, money, messages, photos, videos and confidential information are all in the danger of being exposed to hackers.
Ccure Ongo, India's first anti-hacking solution, offers you the ultimate protection. It is researched, tested, proven, trusted and constantly updated by top technical experts and IT wizards. Independent test labs,
systems administrators and home users worldwide recommend it.
Your PC needs Ccure Ongo to secure your secrecy &
safeguard your privacy. The power is now in your hands.


Signature and definition-based, with regular updates. Removes malicious files, folders and programs. Keeps your system healthy and virus-free.

Ccure Box

Locks and encrypts files & folders, including photos, videos & documents. Protects your data even if the hard disk is removed.

Ccure Window

Locks the screen and blocks it from hackers (they see only a blank screen). Perfect for banking transactions, online shopping, chatting or studying confidential documents.


Shields against keyloggers by encrypting keystrokes. Secure your e-payments, online shopping and chatting.

Ccure Delete

Deletes data safely from the root, with recovery being impossible. Your deleted files remain deleted.

Program Uninstaller

Detects running programs. Identifies and deletes hidden programs. Uninstalls malicious softwares. Helps in enhancing performance.


Enables closing of all ports. Detects suspicious activity. Stops incoming web attacks. Prevents malicious software from connecting to the Internet. Your PC stays safe.

Mic Mute

Mutes the microphone, protecting you from live audio hacking.

Webcam Block

Blocks webcam and protects you from live webcam spying.

Faster Startup

Scans all startup programs and disables unwanted ones.

Cleaner & Tuner

Scans junk files. Clears cache, cookies and registries. Improves PC performance.

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